31 August 2014

Toydog Championship show, Helsinki

BOS Gwaihir's Siofra Estelle via Hollinsclose
3rd Best Bitch Gwaihir's Uphoria La Chance
2nd Best Male Quishu Sgt Pepper via Hollinsclose
3rd Best Male, CC Gwaihir's Yaron De Hero
BOB-breeders class Gwaihir's kennel
(judge Carlos Renau Fernandez)

BOB Royalgrowl Adam Lambert & BOS Gwaihir's Siofra Estelle via Hollinsclose

Gwaihir's Yaron De Hero
Gwaihir's Siofra Estelle via Hollinsclose

 We are very excited to announce that we might be expecting 
l√∂wchen puppies from these two sweethearts ♥
Myy ♥ Pepper

30 August 2014


CC Gwaihir's Tyra Si Chic

Well done Amandine and Tyra!

23 August 2014

Kouvola All Breeds

BOB, CC  Gwaihir's Xara Pareesa

(judge Zlatko Jojkic)

"Very attractive female. Nice feminine head with excellent expression. Very good topline. Correct tailset. For the age very well developed chest and forechest. Correct angulations in front & rear. In the movement mechanically correct with a lot of energy. Very good coat quality. Excellent temperament & presentation."

Congratulations to Myy and her family! 

22 August 2014

Atlanta, USA

We have a new American Champion!
Am Ch Gwaihir's Zion Lion 
owner Sue Ingle

BOS, Best of Winners & 3 point major
BOS, Best of Winners & 1point >> American Champion

 Moved up to BB competition and he got BOS again
and his first point toward his Grand Championship . 

Select Dog award 

Congratulation Sue and team Tux!

17 August 2014

Raisio All Breeds

BOB, CC Gwaihir's Yaron De Hero
BOB-veteran Gwaihir's Dorin Da Ines
(judge Simon Rooney, Ireland)

BOB Gwaihir's Yaron De Hero & BOS Headline Fancy Farah Zafira

Daisy 9 years of age made her debut in the veteran
classes with a very nice critic ♥
Bobby was a real star in the showring today 
and took the 4th place in the group!!

16 August 2014

Valkeakoski All Breeds

BOB, CC Gwaihir's Xara Paressa
(judge Anne Sume) 

Congratulations to Myy's owners Saara & Lily!

10 August 2014

Helsinki World Dog Show 2014

resCACIB, resCC Gwaihir's Yaron De Hero
(judge Tuula Plathan)

Bobby is back in business! Thank You Donna and Patrick for taking such good care of him and finishing his American Champion title.